White-throated Bee-eater

Common Bulbul

Black-necked Weaver

Vieiilot´s Black Weaver

Yellow-billed Kite

Senegal Thick-knee

Carmelite Sunbird - female

Day 2: March 5, Lekki Conservation Center

Day one was a Sunday with relative moderate traffic (for Lagos). This day was a Tuesday, so traffic at it´s worst. We took some precautions and left only at 10:00 to avoid the worst traffic. We arrived in Lekki  at around one and had to be out again by 3 to avoid the traffic going the other way :-( . Today, we came across a bird party right away. Besides the White-throated Bee-eater, we saw Green-headed Sunbirds, Carmelite Sunbirds and a Chestnut Wattle-eye. We continued through the forest not seeing any birds, but hearing many. Once at the Savanna area, the bird life picked up again, with many of the same species as the previous day including a tree full of Vieillot´s Black Weavers. They were sitting inside the tree and I could not get a decent shot at these beautiful birds. At the end of the Savannah section, my friend spotted a bird inside a tree. It turned out to be a Speckled Tinkerbird. We turned around and found the same Bee-eaters as the previous day + 2 soaring Lanner Falcons. We stopped at the big tree, but did not climb it since we were running out of time. Once back in the parking lot I was if possible even wetter than the previous day.  Forgot to mention that the forest also was full of Mona Monkeys.

Pictures of some of the birds we saw on day 2

Green-headed Sunbird

Carmelite Sunbird

Chestnut Wattle-eye

Speckled Tinkerbird

Little Bee-eater

White-throated Bee-eater

Lanner Falcon

Mona Monkey

It was nice seeing some new and some old birds. In fact I had planned to go back to Nigeria over Easter and visit Ibadan and Okomu National Park. However, I was getting some advise from birders in Nigeria that traveling was not safe unless you have a police escort, so I have dropped the plans. Besides trying to make bookings at the places seemed to be impossible. I called the National Park since none of the bookings online worked. The person said, just call me when you land in Lagos and I will give you directions. I said I want to make advance booking in order to know for sure I have a place to stay after all it is Easter. He just said, no problem just give me a call when you land and I take care of that.  I seriously doubt i will ever go back to Nigeria despite the prolific bird life that exists there. Needless to say the country is not geared towards tourism.